For Everything There Is a Season

The great thing about the outdoors is that no matter what time of the year it is, there is always something to do. Sometimes you have to adapt to the weather or the temperature in order to properly enjoy things, though. Luckily, my GRIT Freedom Chair is a versatile, all terrain wheelchair. It allows me to enjoy all types of activities no matter what the seasons throw at me.

What Freedom Means to Me

I can tell you, over the past 15 years I have often felt as though I am under physical restraint due to my everyday wheelchair. It does not allow me to get to far off road or to get across a gravel driveway with ease. Thankfully, that all changed when I got my GRIT Freedom Chair.

Ask a GRIT Freedom Chair Rider

Today, we ask some of our new riders about their early experiences with the GRIT Freedom Chair. Why did they choose GRIT over other kinds of equipment? How’s it been going so far? What’s next? See their answers—and a bit of all-terrain motivation—here!

How To Plan a Dog-Friendly Wheelchair Hike

You’re not the only one who enjoys exercise and the great outdoors—your dog does, too! Taking your dog hiking can give you valuable time together, not to mention a good workout and some ever-important fresh air. But, whether your dog is a friendly companion or a trained support or service dog, there are things consider.

Adaptive Rock Climbing at the Gunks

“It’s not about doing things in a certain way. It’s about finding YOUR way to do it , even if it looks different than how most people do it. Sometimes, how you need to do it even looks entirely different than YOU thought it would. That doesn’t matter. Find your own unique way to accomplish those things most important.”

The GRIT Freedom Chair Push Configuration

While many riders use the GRIT Freedom Chair to go out on solo adventures, riders who are unable to self-propel a regular wheelchair can still enjoy the outdoor capabilities of this device with significant assistance from a companion.  Riders with limited movement in their arms can push the levers as much as they are able…