Adaptive Rock Climbing at the Gunks

“It’s not about doing things in a certain way. It’s about finding YOUR way to do it , even if it looks different than how most people do it. Sometimes, how you need to do it even looks entirely different than YOU thought it would. That doesn’t matter. Find your own unique way to accomplish those things most important.”

Tips and Tricks for Walking a Dog from a Wheelchair

Want to walk dogs from your wheelchair? Looking for the best dog leash for wheelchair users? Even as a wheelchair user you should be able to safely, efficiently, and independently take your dog with you as much as possible. Read on to find out about different tips, tricks, and gear options to help you roll along with your dog!

Rider Spotlight (Kids’ Edition): Ollie

We were also interested in the fact that the GRIT Freedom Chair offers good cardiovascular exercise. Aside from physical therapy, walking on the treadmill, and the occasional wheelchair racing event, a kid with CP typically doesn’t get enough opportunities to burn off as much energy as he needs to.