At GRIT, our youngest riders hold a place close to our heart: there’s nothing more incredible than seeing the joy on a child’s face when they take their first ride in a GRIT Freedom Chair. Today’s Rider Spotlight features Jayden the Scout! Read on to learn more about his adventures.

“It can go over logs or anything someone walking could traverse”

– Jayden’s Grandfather

Jayden’s Story

Before Jayden got his GRIT Freedom Chair, it wasn’t easy for him to move beyond the pavement. This was a major issue when it came time for his Scout troop to go on their Scouting Outings, which is why his Scout Leader – with the support of Jayden’s Grandparents – decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign to help Jayden get the GRIT Freedom Chair he’s riding in the videos below. 

“I would like to tell you a story about a Scout in our Cub Scout Pack . . . He has a very sunny disposition, and all the other Scouts love to play with him before and after meetings. He concentrates hard on his Scout projects and especially loves each Thursday meeting night and all the Outdoor adventures that his very active Cub Scout Pack participates in.

He is a very normal boy who loves being a Scout. Unfortunately, he has become more limited than ever before trying to participate in the Scouting Program. He has not been able to attend the last 2 Pack Camp Outs. He gets the excited look in his eyes when we talk about the outings at meetings, and you see the sad look in his grandparent’s eyes because they know they cannot take him.

Jayden, one of our new Bear Scouts, has Arthrogryposis. He cannot move his legs and has been through 9 surgeries since he was born. He is in a wheelchair. His disability is something we don’t really notice, as he enjoys being a normal kid playing with the other kids. Our Scout Leaders have always treated him just like any other kid. So when I asked his grandfather (who is his caregiver) why they were not signing up for campouts as they have in the past, it was a sad and shocking answer to hear:

‘Jayden is getting older and larger, and his wheelchair just doesn’t hold up on rough terrain. He is too big to carry around and we also have to keep his only wheelchair nice and undamaged as he needs it for day-to-day mobility. Rocks, sand. and gravel can tear it up since it isn’t built for that.'”

Getting the GRIT Freedom Chair

Two weeks after Jayden’s GoFundMe campaign launched, his GRIT Freedom Chair had arrived, and he was very eager to start riding!

“After I saw him in that chair, I saw this was a whole new quality of life for him . . . He’s a very thoughtful child and understands what people did for him.”

Jessica Clifton, Scout Leader

The day the GRIT Freedom Chair arrived it was raining, so Jayden’s grandfather took him to Walmart to test it out. It put him in control in a way he hadn’t experienced before. His grandfather didn’t need to push him!

He said it took him about a month to learn to use it well. The hardest part was keeping it in a straight line. Because it’s not electric, it exercises his muscles and keeps his upper body strong.

Jayden was able to go camping with his Scout troop the fall after receiving his GRIT Freedom Chair.

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