Wheelchair Camping for the Modern Adventurer

When I lost the use of my legs, I thought I had also lost the wilderness in my life. With a concentrated effort of creativity and flexibility, along with a good dose of humility, I found my way back into camping again. After years of experimentation and adaptation…

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Beach Wheelchair

From the parking lot, the loose sand, the packed sand, the boardwalk, the water itself, to right back into your vehicle, make sure your beach wheelchair can handle it all. Most wheelchairs do well on concrete, some do well on grass or gravel, a few do well on the beach, but almost none…

All-Terrain Wheelchairs: Electric, E-Assist, or Manual?

So you’re on the search for an all-terrain wheelchair! Whether you want to hike the local trails, compete in obstacle course races, or are simply looking for something a bit more outdoor-friendly than your current chair, an all-terrain wheelchair may be the best tool for the job. Now you just have to select one! Where to start?

5 Adaptive Activities To Enjoy This Summer

With the summer fast approaching, it’s time to plan out how you can escape the house or apartment and enjoy the great outdoors! Wheelchair riders just like you are going on outdoor adventures every single day. This summer, push the boundaries. Try something new. Here are five summer activities to try out!

Flying with the GRIT Freedom Chair

Traveling can be full of adventure! At GRIT, we want to make sure that you get the most out of your traveling adventures, so we want to show you how easy it is to fly with your Freedom Chair.

What To Look For in a Racing Wheelchair

So you’re in the market for a racing wheelchair! Fantastic. Racing, of course, means different things to different people, and while there are specialized chairs for particular events, many folks are looking for a chair that can do a bit of it all. Below, we’ll talk about how to select an appropriate racing wheelchair…

Ask a GRIT Freedom Chair Rider

Today, we ask some of our new riders about their early experiences with the GRIT Freedom Chair. Why did they choose GRIT over other kinds of equipment? How’s it been going so far? What’s next? See their answers—and a bit of all-terrain motivation—here!