What To Look For in a Racing Wheelchair

So you’re in the market for a racing wheelchair! Fantastic. Racing, of course, means different things to different people, and while there are specialized chairs for particular events, many folks are looking for a chair that can do a bit of it all. Below, we’ll talk about how to select an appropriate racing wheelchair…

Ask a GRIT Freedom Chair Rider

Today, we ask some of our new riders about their early experiences with the GRIT Freedom Chair. Why did they choose GRIT over other kinds of equipment? How’s it been going so far? What’s next? See their answers—and a bit of all-terrain motivation—here!

How To Plan a Dog-Friendly Wheelchair Hike

You’re not the only one who enjoys exercise and the great outdoors—your dog does, too! Taking your dog hiking can give you valuable time together, not to mention a good workout and some ever-important fresh air. But, whether your dog is a friendly companion or a trained support or service dog, there are things consider.

The GRIT Freedom Chair Push Configuration

While many riders use the GRIT Freedom Chair to go out on solo adventures, riders who are unable to self-propel a regular wheelchair can still enjoy the outdoor capabilities of this device with significant assistance from a companion.  Riders with limited movement in their arms can push the levers as much as they are able…

GRIT Freedom Chair Riders with Limited Strength

Solo riding can be a great time, but oftentimes the best part of an outdoor adventure is sharing it with your friends and family. Whether you are side-by-side on the trail or are working together as a team, the important part is that you’re out there, together.

Rider Spotlight: Mike B

Mike B is an author, father, husband, and Freedom Chair rider. He uses his chair for archery, shooting, exercise, and—soon—trips to the beach; his deliberate fitness plan and overall creativity help him stay active and busy. There are a thousand things we admire about Mike, one of which is his commitment to incremental progress.