If you’re 6’2 or taller, your legs and torso are likely a bit longer than most. GRIT engineers have worked closely with hundreds of wheelchair riders of all shapes and sizes to design an all-terrain wheelchair that can adjust and adapt accordingly. We want to help get you on the trail, into the park, and wherever else you want to go—safely and comfortably.

Today, riders up to 6’6 and taller are outside, riding their GRIT Freedom Chairs through the mud, the dirt, the gravel, and more. Taller-than-average riders often use one or multiple accessories to accommodate their legs, torsos, and arms, to allow for a smooth ride and access to the open road ahead. Of course, the GRIT Freedom Chair comes in three different seat widths (16”, 18”, and 20”), but below, we’ll discuss some of the modifications designed specifically for taller riders.

Steering Pegs

What they are: Bicycle pedals affixed to the front axle with custom adaptors.

How they help: For riders able to extend their leg(s) outward and point one or both of their feet, Steering Pegs help in a few different ways.

First, they help with steering! By pushing against one or both of the pegs, you can turn the front wheel and more easily maneuver around obstacles, against crowned roads, and more. While you cannot pedal the chair, being able to move that front wheel is a steering game-changer.

Second, these pegs provide a comfortable way for taller riders to stretch their legs all the way out to the front wheel.

Third, many riders using Steering Pegs can remove the footplate altogether, increasing ground clearance and making it even easier to conquer curbs and other obstacles.

Requirements: Riders must be over 5’4” to reach the pegs and have enough foot mobility to keep one or both of their feet on the pegs.

Shop: Steering Pegs here

Wedge Cushion

What it is: The Wedge Cushion is a cushion with a wide and narrow side. It can be placed above or below your standard cushion and flipped in any direction.

How it helps: Depending on how you orient the Wedge Cushion, it will position you higher in the seat, slightly increase or decrease dump angle, provide extra elbow clearance, and provide some extra legroom. The Wedge Cushion offers a bit more space for taller riders’ legs, and can even take some of the pressure off of their knees.

Requirements: None.

Shop: Wedge Cushion here

Utility Clamp with Leg Elevation

What it is: This accessory comes with a Utility Clamp and two padded rollers, onto which taller riders can rest their legs. The Utility Clamp can slide up and down the boom of the chair to accommodate riders of different leg lengths.

How it helps: With this configuration, you can extend your legs straight out over the rollers, which are positioned perpendicular to the boom of the GRIT Freedom Chair. You can slide the entire unit and up and down the front bar of the GRIT Freedom Chair to find the most comfortable position for you. This is a great option for riders who want more legroom, those who are most comfortable keeping their legs straight, and anyone who requires one or both legs to be elevated.

Requirements: The ability to extend your legs straight out in front of you.

Shop: Utility Clamp – Leg Elevation here

Want to talk with other taller riders?

Absolutely! Swing by Beyond the Pavement, a Facebook group designed to connect those with questions to current GRIT Freedom Chair owners. This group is a great place to ask others about their experiences and see how they, too, move beyond. Post questions to the group about modifications for taller riders, and also ask any other questions you have about the GRIT Freedom Chair. Here are some of the lever-pumping folks you may meet!

Ready to talk with GRIT?

Selecting the right all-terrain wheelchair and making sure you’ll be comfortable in it can be difficult, especially if you are a bit taller than the average population. If you think you’ll need special accommodations or would like some more information about any of the above options, let’s chat! Click here to call us, email us, or send a message and we’ll give you a call.