While many riders use the GRIT Freedom Chair to go out on solo adventures, riders who are unable to self-propel a regular wheelchair can still enjoy the outdoor capabilities of this device with significant assistance from a companion.
Riders with limited movement in their arms can push the levers as much as they are able, while somebody else pushes continually from behind.

As the rider, you can contribute to your own forward momentum but also receive assistance whenever necessary. The companion or pusher can push and steer as much as you and they agree on. The GRIT Freedom Chair is designed to be easy to push over difficult terrains, so together, you’ll be able to conquer the trail in comfort.
Is the rider unable to use the levers? Or, do they have a strong side and weak side of their body? No problem. Simply twist the lever(s) out of their receivers and place them into their storage spots at the back of the chair. The two of you can then enjoy all of the dirt, mud, gravel, grass, curb-hops, snow, all-terrain workouts, and outdoor scenery you want.

GRIT Freedom Chair Push Configuration Accessories

To set up the GRIT Freedom Chair for a rider who will need this kind of assistance, most folks opt for this accessory package:

1.) Trail Handles: These height-adjustable rear push handles make it possible for the pusher to comfortably assist on any terrain.

2.) Side Guards: These help the rider be stable in the seat. They also keep clothing and fingers safely away from the large rear wheels.

3.) Foot Strap: This strap makes it easy to secure the feet to the footplate.

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Video Gallery of Push Configuration