Solo riding can be a great time, but oftentimes the best part of an outdoor adventure is sharing it with your friends and family. Whether you are side-by-side on the trail or are working together as a team, the important part is that you’re out there, together.

Whether adventure for you means a trip through the woods, through the park, through an obstacle course race, or through some other terrain altogether, the GRIT Freedom Chair is ready for you.

Riders with limited overall strength

The GRIT Freedom Chair is easier to propel than a regular manual wheelchair, so many riders with limited overall strength are still able to push themselves, and find that the experience on the hiking trail is further enhanced with a trail buddy.

Plus, the benefits extend to the trail buddy! Jen, a pusher who assists her friend Jenny in weekly workouts, says: “Having pushed another kind of hiking wheelchair, I can tell you that the GRIT Freedom Chair has been a game-changer for us and our adventures! The chair is so easy to push, turn, and control.”

Riders with limited overall strength benefit from the following accessories:

Trail Handles

Using the optional Trail Handles, a friend or family member can provide a boost to help you overcome an obstacle, or they can offer sustained pushing support up an entire trail.

GRIT Freedom Chair Riders With Limited Strength, utility clamp and rope mount: rider gets help using rope mount pull & trail handle pushing

Shown at right is Maggie, enjoying a sun-shiny workout with her trainer!

Utility Clamp and Rope Mount

For even more challenging terrain, the optional Utility Clamp with Rope Mount allows you to rig up your own pulling system from the front. With the rider pumping the levers, someone pushing from behind, and/or someone pulling from the front, there isn’t much you can’t conquer!

(Explore GRIT Freedom Chair Accessories here!)

See it in action

It doesn’t get much more challenging than a Spartan Race! See how this team works together to conquer difficult terrain.

Riders with hemiplegia

For stroke victims, amputees, or others with strength on one side of their bodies, the GRIT team is here to help you get outdoors.

Many folks use the GRIT Freedom Chair by pushing and pulling on the two levers, thus engaging the two drivetrains and turning the wheels forward. If you can engage both of the levers, keep them both inserted, but if you’re only able to use one, you can feel free to remove it altogether. Either leave it at home or store it in the lever holder on the GRIT Freedom Chair.

Riders who can only push with one side will require assistance from a trail buddy in order to safely navigate on the trail. But we think adventure is more fun with a friend anyway!

GRIT Freedom Chair Riders With Limited Strength, hemiplegia: text boxes show Vicky’s trail handles, lever, drivetrain upgrade, steering pegs

Vicky, who is strongest on her right side, uses this accessory setup to get back onto the trails, to run with her friends, and enjoy the outdoors.

“I am over the moon excited with my GRIT chair. Since surviving several strokes, I have lived life in a wheelchair. I have stayed very active in my lightweight racing chair, but the one thing I missed was the ability to hike.

I live at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and grew up hiking. Now, thanks to my GRIT Freedom Chair, I am hiking once again. My friend and her son went with me to a park near my home and I did a 3-mile hike!! I did spend a lot of time in tears of joy because I had not been able to get out on the trails since 2011. The all-terrain wheelchair held up great going over gravel, and rocks.”


More from riders with hemiplegia

Norm has one-sided paralysis as the result of a stroke. With assistance, Norm is able to get exercise and enjoy the outdoors with his family!

GRIT Freedom Chair Riders With Limited Strength, hemiplegia: James uses rugged GRIT wheelchair on dirt outdoors at Spartan Race event

“Before my second birthday, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). There are many different types and severities of CP; my type affects my legs and left arm, leaving me with poor balance and limited use of my arm.”


James is an exercise enthusiast, motivational speaker, and founder of  Handi Capable Fitness. In addition to Spartan Races, James also uses his GRIT Freedom Chair to explore local trails with friends.

GRIT Freedom Chair Riders With Limited Strength, hemiplegia: Dan uses off-road GRIT wheelchair on dirt gravel path with grandkids and wife

“I live in FL and have been using my ‘wheels’ for several months practicing for our big adventure—we just got home Sunday from WA, OR, and CA. I used my chair to put my tires in the Pacific Ocean (sea level), Oregon, to Mt. Rainier (at 10,500 feet above sea level), Washington, and through the redwoods in California. On occasion, I had help from my son and wife (occasionally our grandkids too) who would push me uphill, but my wheels made the adventure so much better. Now back in FL going at it, 5 days a week.”