The main benefit of the GRIT Freedom Chair’s lever system is that it makes it easier to push than a regular wheelchair. The levers engage larger upper body muscles to amplify your force.

The strength required depends on what you are trying to do in the chair. For example, it is easier to push on smooth, flat pavement than it is to push on a muddy, steep hill. Like riding a bike, it takes some practice to get used to the motion, but progress comes quickly.

Shifting Gears

To shift gears on the GRIT Freedom Chair, simply move your hands up or down the levers. Holding the levers close to the brake bar is the higher gear. This allows you to move quickly over smooth flat terrain. Holding up at the top of the levers is a lower gear and lets you slowly maneuver over rough obstacles or up a challenging incline.

Getting Assistance

While plenty of riders use the GRIT Freedom Chair for solo adventures, many riders choose the GRIT Freedom Chair specifically so they can be more active outdoors with friends and family. For some riders, that means having continual help from a pusher; other riders get a once-in-a-while boost to overcome a big root or obstacle. And for riders competing in the Para Spartan Race Elite, it means working together in a team of four!

A Spectrum of Rider Strength

We have some riders who traditionally use a power chair, but are indeed able to propel the GRIT Freedom Chair. And we have some riders who compete independently in ultra marathons. So, it really varies!

The best way to make sure the GRIT Freedom Chair is right for you is to try it out in your own backyard. Our GRIT Guarantee gives you the opportunity to try our all-terrain wheelchair at home, risk-free, for a full 30 days.