The GRIT Freedom Chair was designed to give riders stability, versatility, and confidence on a variety of outdoor terrains. When designing the Freedom Chair, GRIT engineers found that putting one large wheel out front (instead of two small casters), the rider gained greater balance and maneuverability across challenging terrain.

Decision Making

It took time to find the perfect fit for our front caster. We tried and tested different builds and materials, but in the end, we decided on a mountainboard wheel. These wheels are made to be durable, rugged, and outdoor-ready. Measuring at over eight inches in diameter and featuring gripping treads, these pneumatic front casters have built-in suspension and will help you traverse almost any terrain. As you read this, you likely have all of the tools you’ll need to service the front wheel.

Why Not the Back?

Putting the third wheel on the back of the Freedom Chair causes it to be unstable in motion. A rear-located caster also operates poorly, since it carries more of a rider’s weight than it does when positioned in the front of the chair. Moving the wheel to the front allows the Freedom Chair to be more reliable on difficult terrains.

The other advantage to a front caster is that our riders can identify upcoming obstacles, lift that front wheel up by engaging both levers, and then power the large, rear wheels over those obstacles. When the smaller of the three wheels is in the back, a rider can more easily get stuck. Finally, having a boom in front of the chair to accommodate that front wheel also gives us real estate for other accessories for steering, leg and foot placement, rope mounts, and more.